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Instagram Stories, one of the most interactive content types in the digital age where content is king. First introduced in August of 2016, Instagram Stories are photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours, much like Snapchat – the app that originally popularized the ephemeral-post format. Stories delightfully mixes ephemerality alongside urgency and exclusivity for a content Cyndi Lauper party for Instagram’s one billion active users. The service offered by Follow Beast, which allows for more people see the Instagram Stories after followers view them, is extremely important and when used for the right reasons, it can be beneficial for both audiences and brand representatives.

Importance of Story Views

ViewsViews are one of the toughest KPIs to get right for a Story. Increased views can result in more exposure of the brand, more effective communication of the messages to the followers, and more interaction. Being for businesses & influencers this is vital as it not only affects the reach but also the opportunity for collaborations and ad monetisation.


Follow Beast uses advanced algorithms and clever promotion strategies to increase the visibility of your Stories. The more views that a Story has, the more popular it appears, and this can help to encourage new followers as well as keep current followers engaged. It will distribute your content such that it reaches a wider audience, using network effects and promotions. This will be especially useful at the time of product launches, special events, or big announcements.

The Perks of More Story Views

Increasd Engagement : Increased views lead to increased engagement, stimulating more activity among viewers by way of likes, comments and shares. Enhanced Brand Image – High view numbers help in a better brand image – a stronger brand appears more popular and trustworthy.

More Visibility: With each new view of your Stories, the probability of your content being included on the Explore page also grows, thereby expanding reach.

Messaging + Influence: Amplified visibility can bring more business/sponsorship opportunities for influencers and companies.


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