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Perhaps you are a small business owner, a solopreneur, or just someone who wants to keep a constantly updating Instagram account as part of your social strategy just to be pinion, apologize or silly.Introduction of automation means that you can automate all of your Instagram activities, making maintaining an active Instagram presence exciting as much as automating it to interact with the most relevant people to you on this engagement. This post covers everything you need to know to automate your Instagram in the best possible way:

Benefits of Automation

By reducing the repetitive tasks automation tools can help save your time and effort. By scheduling posts in advance, you can make sure your content is going live when you know more people are likely to see it, and when you’re otherwise preoccupied in your work life. This can help make quick work of handling very common questions, and automating follow/unfollow actions can help with your organic growth. Instead, you can focus on your strategy planning and content development that are required for high-quality content creation only.

Types of Tasks to Automate

Recognize the ones that you can automate without losing the ‘human’ touch to your interactions. General automation tasks including post scheduling, inbox management, (DM inbox), general FAQs, and analytics tracking. But, be careful not to automate certain interaction which should be personal by nature (like in-depth response to comments, or customer support queries).

Best Automation Tools

There are various tools available for Instagram automation, and every tool has its perks. The most popular scheduling tools like: Hootsuite Buffer Later and many others are designed to help you plan your posts and schedule them accordingly in such a way that makes more sense to you as well as analyzing the performance of the posts on your page. Sprout Social, SocialBee, and Planoly come as full-fledged administration and performance-analysis tools offering everything from interactions to analytics. Select tools that suit your requirements and comply with Instagram policies.

Building an Automation Plan

Form a strategy that has a balance of automation and real engagement. Automate responses to many of the frequently asked questions and schedule posts at specific peak engagement times mentioning some of these responses but also take some time to engage personally with your audience. Continually monitor your automation settings, and modify them as per performance data and future changes.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

The use of automation can help but you should also be careful about how you use automation or else, you might end up inviting penalties from Instagram. Do not indulge in automation bots that will be against Instagram terms like liking, commenting, and follow/unfollow(follow and then unfollow) too frequently signaling that it’s not a human.iOS Only Maintaining a positive user experience depends in large part on the quality of your automated messages, which must be personalized for each individual so as to provide value to them. Check on your accounts frequently to make sure that automation is helping and not hurting your efforts.


Overall, dressing up your Instagram strategy with aspects like NFT likes, saves, shares, and full automation require a well-thought approach and a focused endeavour. Knowing Your Audience, Creating shareable content, and a not overdoing automation can increase your engagement and reach on Instagram by a mile. Take advantage of these hacks to reach your objectives and maintain visibility on the platform for consistent growth and meaningful interactions with your community.


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